How to get a Cloud Backup file restored on a terminal when the server is down

How to get a Cloud Backup file restored on a terminal when the server is down

Only for Tower Support use.
Go to Eiffel and download the ShadowProtectSetup_MSP_5.2.7.exe

Alternatively, get the file from the NAS drive.

On the clients PC that you’re going to download the data on and probably setup a temp main, install the Shadow Protect program. Doesn’t require activation or installing of the backup service or a reboot.

Choose Language, clickNext, Next, click Extracting Files, accept T&Cs, Next, choose Custom Install, Next, leave default location, Next, untick backup agent, Next and Install.

You can then navigate to the NAS by IP address. Credentials will be either Admin or Tower for the username and the normal password.


You can right click and restore an image from the NAS on the clients computer.

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