easyEDI - FAQ

easyEDI - FAQ

What is easyEDI?

easyEDI is a tool that can be used by suppliers and wholesalers who use Xero to provide EDI files to their customers so they can update their POS or inventory management systems. 

What EDI formats are created by easyEDI?

Currently, easyEDI creates two edi file formats:

CSV File

The first is plain CSV files which could be used by any system to import and update their inventory.  The file is provided in the following format:
  1. Invoice Number
  2. Invoice Date
  3. Order Number
  4. Barcode
  5. Product Code
  6. Item Description
  7. Qty
  8. Cost Price
  9. RRP
  10. Tax
  11. Tax%

DD2 File

This is a newsagency industry-standard file format and it should be used when sending files to newsagents.  This file is also used by Tower Systems' popular Retailer Point of Sale Software. The advantage of using DD2 files instead of CSVs is that they can be imported into POS systems with no setup required.

If you would like other formats supported please contact us at help@easyedi.com.au

I don't store barcodes in Xero. Can I still use easyEDI?

Yes. easyEDI provides you with an option to simply import a list of your Xero Codes and barcode that can be used as a reference.  Once the list is imported into easyEDI, as long as you have the same product code in Xero and in the uploaded list the correct product barcode will be included in the EDI file. If you have your inventory in Unleashed you can link Unleashed to easyEDI and the barcodes will be obtained from your Unleashed product data.  

How are EDI files sent to Customers?

easyEDI files are sent to customers via email.  Once you click on send an email containing the EDI file and a copy of the PDF invoice from Xero will be sent to your customers inbox. 

How can I signup for easyEDI?

Sign Up is easy, all you need to do to click on the link here https://easyedi.com.au/register 

What data does easyEDI Access?

We access your Xero profile to obtain your business name and contact details.  We also access your Xero invoice data in order to create and send your EDI file.  We also obtain contact names and emails so the EDI file can be sent. Invoices are deleted once they are more than 6 days old.  You have control over this setting so can you make it less if you wish.  Please see the access diagram below for a graphical representation.

How do I access help for easyEDI

If you need assistance with accessing easyEDI please contact us at help@easyedi.com.au 

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