Customer Credit Limit Report

Customer Credit Limit Report

The Customer Credit Limit Report can be used to identify all customers who have exceeded the credit limit placed on their account.

Generating the Report

1. On the home screen of Retailer, click on Reports -> Customer -> Credit Limit Report.
2. In the Sort Customers By section, select either Customer Number or Surname.

The Show stock item details tickbox is only relevant for newsagencies or businesses using customer delivery / putaway orders.

Reading the Report

  1. Cus No. - This is the customer's account number.
  2. Name - This is the customer's full name.
  3. Company - This is the account's company name if there is one.
  4. Address - This is the street address.
  5. Phone - This is the phone number.
  6. 3 Months+ / 2 Months / Current+Last Month - This shows a breakdown of their owing balance.
  7. Stop All Titles - This is a newsagency specific status on the customer's orders.
  8. Credit Limit - This shows the credit limit placed on the account.

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