Computer/system is not starting up or freezing

Computer/system is not starting up or freezing

The computer system may sometimes not start up and get into your regular programs. Other times, it may seem to be stuck loading Windows with a spinning blue wheel, or doing some percentage updates. While this can be distressing, there are a few things you can do to try getting things working again.

First thing is to wait a little while, especially if it's doing Windows updates. It will take time to update and load everything it needs.
This shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes for most updates and loads, but if the system hasn't been shut down and restarted for a long period of time (weeks and months) then it may take longer.

We recommend doing a weekly restart of the system to get things refreshed, updated. There are other regular maintenance activities that can be done to keep the computer 'in-shape'.
See this advice for more detail:

Be sure to take note of any error messages that were shown, and/or take a picture of the screen.

If you have already waited a long time, try restarting the computer. This can be done with the power button on the computer. Pressing it should shut the computer down and you may need to keep the button pressed for a few seconds to shut it down. Start the computer back up after that.
Note that any Windows updates will usually try to continue and can't be skipped/avoided.

If the computer still isn't starting up (appearing stuck or frozen), try a hardware reset next. Do this by shutting down the computer as above.
Once the lights are off, unplug the power cable from the computer. Leave it like that for at least a minute, or hold the power button down for at least 10 seconds. This will drain the power and battery from the computer and usually refresh the hardware.
Plug the cable back in after that and restart the computer.

If the computer continues to have issues starting up, give Tower Support a call for further assistance.
If the computer is out of warranty or not purchased from Tower, you would need to contact your local computer technician as well.
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