This feature allows you to change the prices of a group of stock items quickly and easily. 

We recommend that you perform a backup before using this utility. All price changes processed through Bulk Price Changes are applied immediately and cannot be reversed. 

  1. From the main screen of Retailer, go to Stock Maintenance -> Bulk Price Changes.
  2. Click on Options at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tick the options of how prices should be automatically calculated. Click OK to return to the bulk price change screen.
  4. Bulk Price Change works by using an advanced stock search to narrow down the group of items you want changed. You can use any combination of the following:
    • In Keywords, enter any words you want to search on AND/OR
    • In Supplier, select one or more suppliers. Hold down the [Ctrl] key to select more then one supplier AND/OR
    • In Department, choose a department and a category to search in.
  5. Click on the Search For Items button and a grid will appear with items based on the selections above.
  6. Click on the price that you want to change and enter the new price. The grid will then change colour indicating that this item has had its prices changed.
  7. With the following items: 
    • If you want to update the next item with the same price, click Update This Item With Above Item Price. This will simply copy the prices from the stock item above and apply them to the current stock item.
    • If you want to update all items in the grid with the price of the current item, click on Update All Items With Current Items Price.
  8. Once you have made all the required price changes, click on Save.
  9. You will be prompted with a warning. Click Yes to confirm the change.

For Multi-store users, an additional screen will pop up allowing you to select which store(s) that you wish that price changes to apply to.