During the day, you may need to either add or remove money from the till. This can be for a variety of reasons, eg. petty cash expense, reducing or increasing the amount of cash in the till or paying for a delivery. These can be recorded through Retailer via the No Sale feature.

  1. From the Point of Sale screen, click on the No Sale button.
    Alternatively, press [F4] on your keyboard.
  2. Select which option you require from the top
    • Remove Cash/Cheques from the Till to the Safe – This will reduce the overall cash total in the till, which is then not included in the cash count part of the End of Shift
    • Add Cash to the Till from the Safe – This will increase the overall cash amount in the cash drawer. This would be used if you need to top up the cash total in the till.
    • Other – This option is used for a user specified adjustment and is the default option. Use this option to pay for deliveries or petty cash expenses.
    • Remove Cash/Cheque from the Till to the Bank – This option is similar to the first option. The only difference is that this option is used when you are taking the money straight to the bank instead of placing it in the safe.
  3. Enter in the amount of cash that you are adding/removing from the till. This will be the adjustment amount.
  4. If you have selected the Other option, you will need to select a reason for this adjustment. You can create your own reasons by pressing the Insert key on the keyboard.
  5. Enter in your staff initials (staff code).
  6. Click OK.

The cash drawer will now open and the cash balance in the computer has been adjusted.

If you use the accounting link to connect to Xero or similar programs, only the Other option will be available.