Retailer 3.1.x Update Notes

Retailer 3.1.x Update Notes

Welcome to the latest Retailer update. Retailer 3.1 brings a bunch of new features as well as improvements and fixes.

New Features

Insights Dashboard

This new dashboard focuses on 6 critical areas of retail to assist you on making key decisions by representing data in a graphical & easy to understand format. We think these 6 metrics are among the most important metrics that Retailer should be focusing on to import the profitability of their businesses.  

Where Are We Today - Gives you a snapshot of the overall sales & liabilities as it stands Today, this powerful tool can also be expanded to a desired time period.

What's Not Selling - This gives you a visual understanding of what is not performing in your business.  Deadstock in any business is lost cash.  This report gives you the ability to make decisions on this underperforming stock whether it be discounting or other stock reductions strategies to unlock this lost cash.  

What Am I Missing Out on 
This give you a list of items that have sold out and potential missed opportunity. The visual sales history will assist in ensuring the right items are restocked to ensure future revenue is not missed out on.

What Sells With What - This gives you an insight to consumer basket analysis. Through this you will see exactly what stock items sell with other stock items and from this you will be able to leverage upsell opportunities, co-location and promotion opportunities.   This also shows the sold alone percentage so you can see item upsell efficiency.

Is Theft An Issue This provides a in-depth visual overview of all the retailer audit log records by reason, number of occurrences by time day. This will assist in identifying staff theft/training issues that may need to be addressed within the business.

When Are We Busiest & Quietest   This is a visual overview detect any quiet or peak times in your business by displaying over the week as well as detailed by hour

Customer Wizard

This is a new improved & customizable customer entry form Customer Wizard.  Only have the fields you want collected in your wizard to facilitate easy customer entry.  

Reports Enhancements

As part of our upgrade to reporting we have significantly increased the performance and added addition properties to the following reports.

- Sales - Detailed Takings Report

- Sales - 10 x 10 Stock Item Analysis Report

- Sales - Stock Listing Report

- Stock - Supplier Stock Listing Report

- Stock - Write off Report 

New Notifications Panel in POS & Main Screen

We have now added the ability to visualize notification from within the POS screen.  When a sale is received from you websites of an inter store transfer is received a notification will appear a new button on both these screens.  A badge on the button will show indicating how many notifications there are.  

New Options

  1. End of shift – Add Mouse scroll functionality ***Software Idea #1729
  2. Report – Exporting facility updates to support XLSX
  3. Report – New search facility on stock listing report
  4. Stock Manager – Add static Qty flag
  5. Stock Manager – Enable multi selection ***Software Idea #1700
  6. Order by sales – Desired Qty on hand ***Software Idea #1846
  7. Order by sales – Webstore options
  8. Orders Maintenance – Order quantities addition of quote number it’s linked to***Software Idea
  9. POS – Previous Sale screen add SOURCE_GROUP search criteria
  10. POS – Enable the ability to Refund Completed Layby ***Software Idea 1830
  11. POS – Special Customer order management access via right click in previous sale
  12. Report – Customer Transaction Log (new option to remove order date periods)
  13. Report – Stock listing report allow multiple departments ***Software Idea #567
  14. Stock – Add security password to webstore pricing
  15. Utilities – Import supplier stock files – Added Web Price  ***Software Idea #1779
  16. Write Offs – Can now be called from POS “ALT+W ***Software Idea #1751


  1. Audit Log – incorrectly reporting audit type for adjusting pack qoh
  2. Barcode Manager – ‘BP_BARCODE_ITEM’ not found on Print all at once
  3. Barcode Manager – Shelf labels not complying with print in scanned/entered order
  4. Catalogues – Pricing restrictions greater than retail
  5. Catalogues – Selling child record causing fatal error
  6. Customer – Sales History chart “Previous Sales” not reporting correctly
  7. Customer – Export of Start date in data export ***Software Idea #1868
  8. Customer Statements - Order number missing in some instances
  9. Customer Statements – Tax prefix incorrect for NZ sites
  10. Categories – Allow discount flag no longer working
  11. Customer Display – Text fatal error when adding new records
  12. Discount Voucher – Mix & Match catalogue not complying to voucher rules
  13. Dispatch Management – Schedule delivery is related to resource times
  14. Gift Vouchers – Prevention of generating negative vouchers
  15. Invoice Arrival – Freight Supplier Tab order
  16. Invoice Arrival Report – DATE_LAST_ARRIVED not updating on SSC
  17. Invoice Arrivals – Arrive order is showing incorrect total discount amount
  18. Invoice Arrivals – Due Dates (Of the current month) calculation issue
  19. Invoice Arrivals – Edit invoice checking subagents for non newsagent data
  20. Layby – Delete with zero deposit
  21. Layby – Layby Cancellation where there has been no Deposit or Payments from previous sales screen
  22. Layby – Payment form not displaying customer details
  23. Layby – Removal of qty if only 1 stockcode used
  24. Manufactured Goods – Preventing null values
  25. Marketing – Anniversary Date filtered by month
  26. Orders – Special Customer orders losing deposit details
  27. POS – Customer Display removing items leaving redundant data
  28. POS – Deleting Item not checking sales or arrivals at multistore locations
  29. POS – Laybys prevention of negative qtys
  30. POS – Refund reason not prompting
  31. POS – Suspended Discount Vouchers not clearing with EOS
  32. POS Receipts – Gift Exchange issues
  33. POS Receipts – Website + Fax
  34. POS Receipts – Repairs Margin alignments on A4
  35. Quote & Invoice management – Item Notes improvements
  36. Quote & Invoice management – Fatal error prinking pickslip
  37. Quote & Invoice management – Prevention Negative Invoices
  38. Quote & Invoice management – Updating Delivery address not updating ADDRESS_ID for existing addresses
  39. Report – Invoice Arrival Report – Show local causing overlapping
  40. Report – Ranked Sales Report Source not filtering on “Include All stock Items ”
  41. Report – Sales Transaction Log (Balance adjustment miss representation)
  42. Reports – Monthly Sales Comparison Report duplicating category if nul
  43. Special Customer Orders – Label layout has been updated
  44. Stock – PLU force unique not validation in stock screen
  45. Stock Manager – Category list not in alphabetical order
  46. Stock Manager – Filtering on Last Sold Date correctly for multistore
  47. Stock Manager – Fixed Qty on order field
  48. Stock Manager – Supplier Stock code read only
  49. Stocktake – MS Fatal error EAssertionFailed
  50. Supplier – Increase Account number field length to 20
  51. Weblink – Customer location_key not being populated
  52. Weblink – Sales import to update date last sold
  53. Write Off – Optimize form loading
  54. Retailer Backup – Reducing file backup to 4gb

  1. Accounting Link - Export with empty balance adjustment account
  2. Accounting Link – COG calculation issue on invoice credits
  3. Customer Statement – Large message forcing new page
  4. Customer – Wizard Change Customer Account Type validation
  5. Customer – Wizard not filling discount profile
  6. Insights Dashboard – Spaces in usernames
  7. Insights Dashboard – Department Sales “Number of Items”
  8. Insights Dashboard – What Sells with What: Draggable columns
  9. Insights Dashboard – (Ctrl+D) Payments transaction breakdown
  10. Orders Maintenance – Find error when order number not matched XStrToDate ->Invalid argument to date encode
  11. POS Receipts – Reprinting Receipt from previous sales producing gift exchange
  12. Reports Refactor – Stocktake Listing Report
  13. Report – Stock listing (Multi-Store) Local store only displaying STOCK totals
  14. Reports – Detailed Takings Report Completed Layby
  15. Reports – Ranked Sales Error in statement: Unable to resolve the identifier “a”.”Sale_Stamp” at line 2, pos 10
  16. Stock Manager – Detailed Taking Report not filtering to list
  17. Write Off – Decimal qty

  1. Catalogues – Pricing restrictions greater than retail not considering qty
  2. Customer Statements – Printing failure on large datasets “System has been illegally re-entered”
  3. Dispatch Management – Fatal Error adjusting resources
  4. Discount Voucher – Discount Sell Price only not applying correctly
  5. Insights Dashboard – Layby Liability excluding prepayments
  6. Insights Dashboard – Layby Liability incorrect with multiple payments + cancellations
  7. Insights Dashboard – Website sales not always included
  8. POS Receipts – Gift Vouchers overriding POS receipt printer settings
  9. Utilities – Import supplier stock file speed


New Mail Security Enhancements For Google & Microsoft

As apart of new security changes at both Google & Microsoft, they have introduced a new authentication method called OAuth.
OAuth doesn't share password data, but instead, uses a token to prove an identity between consumers and service providers. OAuth is an authentication method that allows you to approve an application interacting with another application without giving away your password.

Multiple Email Sending Methods
Retailer now has the ability to send via multiple email addresses to ensure any response go to the right area of your business. This defined on a per document type by mapping the email accounts to a specific document types. For instance invoices could go to your accounts department, while a response to a job card could go to your workshop.

CentrePay Import Facility
We now accept payment files from centrepay. The file can be imported against customers accounts paying off any centrepay approved purchases.

Other Enhancements and Changes

  • Customer Wizard - Add Discount Voucher Selection
  • Orders Maintenance - Send Order to Supplier Email via retailer or default mail client
  • Quotes vs Invoice emails can now be separated in subject & Body
  • Weblink - Improved inventory syncing with TAlink

Bug Fixes

  1. POS Receipts - Interstore transfer not sending emails
  2. POS Receipts - Increased mail password length
  3. Reports - Batch Payments store name incorrect in multistore
  4. Weblink - Notify import to use location for multistore sites from sales import

  1. Discount voucher custom template folder missing 
  2. Invoice Arrival Report - Date last arrived not updating on SSC 
  3. MailQ - Service not restarting after backup
  4. POS - Cash sales to account customers not applying discount profiles 
  5. POS - Invoice delivery details via F2 screen
  6. POS - Layby Payment prompting Layby management Screen after Layby Payment
  7. POS Receipts - Customer Details printing differently post EOS 
  8. POS Receipts - Gift voucher not printing logo on receipt type 
  9. POS Receipts - Logo distorting when emailing (A4 + A5) 
  10. Reports - Locked Stock record running query reports + POS

  1. Customer Statements – Email on large datasets “System has been illegally re-entered”
  2. Customer Statements – Format issue window for envelopes
  3. Customer screen – View All Transactions
  4. EmailQ – Not sending to BCC or saving to folder on imap
  5. Quote & Invoice management – Creating a new customer causes the quote to jump back to the last quote saved after saving
  6. Quote & Invoice management – Need Print ticked to Email

  1. Various GUI Fixes
  2. POS Receipts – Invoice balance not displayed when in sales
  3. Utilities > Reset Retailer screens
  4. Weblink – Send Images enhancements
  5. Weblink – Send stock error capture

  1. GUI Fix – Bumper editions form
  2. Weblink – Send Images causing stock freezing on large data sets
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